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Andhra Pradesh State Transport Corporation


The origin of APSRTC dates back to June1932, when it was first established as NSR-RTD (Nizam State Rail & Road Transport Department), a wing of Nizam State Railway in the erstwhile Hyderabad State, with 27 buses and 166 employees. During the past 74 years, it has registered a steady growth from 27 to 19,270 buses with 766 bus stations, 208 depots and 1,880 bus shelters.

The Corporation's buses cover 6.63 million KMs. and carry 127.87 million people to their destinations every day. They connect 24,336 villages to all major towns and cities in A.P which constitutes 95% of road transport. APSRTC operates to City and Mofussil areas. The Corporation's buses also ply to important towns and cities in the neighboring states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Chattisgarh.


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e-ticketing facility is available at 'www.apsrtc.in'



Bus No.

Origin Destination
1 Afzalgunj Sec'bad station
2 Secunderabad Charminar
3 Afzalgunj Tarnaka
3M Afzalgunj Moulali
3K Afzalgunj Kushaiguda
6 R.T.C Cross Road Mehdipatnam
6s Secunderabad Station Mehdipatnam
7 Secunderabad Station Afzalgunj
8 Secunderabad Station Charminar
8A Secunderabad Station Charminar
9 Balanagar Chaminar
9B Sanathnagar Chaminar
10 Secunderabad Station Sanathnagar
14P Secunderabad Station prashant Nagar
15 Secunderabad Station Kushaiguda
16A Secunderabad Station E.C.I.L X Roads
17 Secunderabad Station Dammaiguda
18 Secunderabad Station Uppal
19E KPHB IV Phase Ameerpet
20 Secunderabad Station Nampally
21 Secunderabad Station Venkatapuram
22 Secunderabad Station Risala Bazar
23 Secunderabad Station Subash Nagar
24 Secunderabad Station Yapral
25 Secunderabad Station Old Alwal
26 Secunderabad Station Old Bowempally
28 Secunderabad Station Manovikas Nagar
29 Secunderabad Station Jeedimetla
30 Secunderabad Station Jagadgirigutta
31 Secunderabad Station Kukatpally
35 Secunderabad Station A.S.Rao Nagar
37 Secunderabad Station Sanathnagar(via A.O.C)
38A Secunderabad Station R.T.C Colony
40 Koti Secunderabad Station
41C Asbestos Colony Nampally
43 Secunderabad Station Vampuguda
44 Secunderabad Station Gangaputra Colony
45 R.T.C X Roads E.S.I Hospital
46 Secunderabad Station Patigadda
47 Secunderabad Station Apollo Hospital
48 Sanathnagar Kachiguda
49 Secunderabad Station Nampally
51 Secunderabad Station E.C.I.L. X Roads
57S Charminar(via Ramnagar) Secunderabad Station
60 Secunderabad Station(A.O.C) Secunderabad Station
65 Towlichowki Charminar
66G Golconda Charminar
67 Charminar Uppuguda
70 Charminar Thegalakunta
71 Charminar Uppal
72A Alkapuri Dilsuknagar
73 Rajendranagar Bharadhari
74 Koti Indira Nagar
75A Charminar Arundathi Colony
77 Charminar Bagh-e-Jahar
78 Charminar L.B.Nagar
81I C.B.S Langerhouse
81 Charminar Habeebnagar
82 Charminar Bagh-Jahana
83S Kachiguda Sanathnagar
84 Saroornagar Sanathnagar
85 Charminar Pahadisherif
86 Koti(via Ramnagar) Secunderabad Station
87 Charminar Nampally
90A Dilsuknagar Secunderabad Station
91E E.N.Nagar Koti
92S Secunderabad Station Rajendranagar
93A Vijayapuri Colony Nampally
94C Rajendranagar Charminar
95A A.G Colony Koti
96A Dilsuknagar Nampally
97B L.V.P.E.I B.Blocks
98 Kaladeri Mehdipatnam
99 Vansthalipuram Kachiguda Stn.
100 A Alkapuri Nampally
101 B B'Guptanagar Nampally
102 Women's College Labs Quarters
103 Women's College Imarath
104 A Nampally Almasiguda
105 Women's College Sai Colony
107 Saroornagar Secunderabad Station
108 Saroornagar Nampally
109 Women's College Subramanyam Colony
110 Dilsuknagar ESI Hospital
113M Uppal Mehdipatnam
114 Noorkhan Bazar Nampally
115 Women's College Uppal Depot
116 Koti Darga
117 Kushaiguda Uppal
118 Mehdipatnam Koti
119 Nampally Golconda Fort
120 Mehdipatnam Osmansagar
121 Koti Vijayanagar Colony
122 Langerhouse Koti
123 Mehdipatnam Narsingi
127 Dilsuknagar Panjagutta
131 S.B.I Colony Secunderabad Station
135 Koti Erramanzil Colony
136 Nampally Tarnaka
137 RTC X Roads Birbanbagh
139 Ramanagar Vijayanagar Colony
141M Kachiguda Stn Medipatnam
141R Uppal Nampally
142K Koti Golconda Fort
143 Talgadda Koti
152 Dilsuknagar Nampally
156H LB nagar Mehdipatnam
158A Dilsuknagar Sanathnagar
171 Gajalramaram Secunderabad Station
176B Nampally Bhairama
178R Rajendranagar Charminar
183A Aparupa Colony Ameerpet
185B Balaji Nagar Koti
186B Baharatnagar C.B.S
184 Ranigunj Santhnagar
187 Kukatpally Koti
189C S.R.Nail Nagar Charminar
190 Sanathnagar M.D Office
191 Mehdipatnam Jeedimetla
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