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Around Hyderabad
Hyderabad is connected to a number of destinations which happen to serve as nice getaways from the region. These regions around Hyderabad include Warrangal, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Medak, Nizamabad and Karimnagar. The capital city, Hyderabad, shares its boundaries with many of these places. There is an extensive road and rail network connecting these regions.

The aforementioned regions exist as prime districts of Andhra Pradesh state. Whereas Warrangal, Medak, Nizamabad and Karimnagar lie to the north of Hyderabad, Mahabubnagar and Nalgonda are situated to the south of the city. The regions around house numerous attractions including religious centres, monuments, water reserves and animal reserves. Hyderabad also serves as the gateway to these regions following the presence of domestic and international airport terminal. Some of these places feature industrial estates that are comparable with that of the popular city. All these regions including Hyderabad make up the northern parts of the Andhra Pradesh city.

Areas Around Hyderabad
  • Karimnagar
  • Mahabubnagar
  • Medak
  • Nalgonda
  • Nizamabad
  • Warangal


North Hyderabad

North Hyderabad
The North Hyderabad constitutes the gateway to the city of Hyderabad.
With the exception of few townships the region is essentially a commercial area.
Some of the best hotels and restaurants of the city are located here.
This very feature is supported by the presence of airport in the region.
Hyderabad airport, with both domestic and international terminals
connects the city with the other cities in the sub continent and beyond Indian frontiers.

One more feature that needs to be highlighted is the presence of academic
and professional institutes. The north is replete with medical units as well the
associated professional colleges and research institutes. Apart from this are
present several other degree colleges facilitating academic growth. The Hussain
Sagar extending in the entire north is one good attraction for all nearby localities.
The place has multiple modes of transportation. The South Central Railways provide
the train services in the region, there is airport grounded in the Begampet locality
and several link roads provides for the mobility in the region.

Areas Under North Hyderabad
  • Mushirabad
  • Prakasham Nagar
  • Punjagutta

    South Hyderabad

    South Hyderabad
    The southern areas of Hyderabad represent regions of the Old City of Hyderabad. The first settlers who inhabited the lands used to live at these places. The regions lying to the south of River Musi form the southern regions of Hyderabad city. The regions still bear the hallmarks of the glorious past. This is revealed by the monumental structures that are present here and some of the oldest residential places of the city.

    The popular townships of the south include Afzal Ganj, Dilsukh Nagar, Keshavagiri, Lal Darwaza, NTR Nagar and Umda Bazar. Except Afzal Ganj, all the mentioned suburbs lie to the south of the river. The Afal Ganj region is typically a commercial urban centre and the epicentre of road transportation. Some popular attractions contained in the city include Nehru Zoological Park, Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Falaknuma Palace, Asmangadh Fort and Birla Archaelogical Museum.

    Areas Under South Hyderabad
    • Afzal Gunj
    • Dilsukhnagar
    • Keshavagiri
    • Lal Darwaza
    • NTR Nagar
    • Umda Bazar

    East Hyderabad

    Mecca Masjid Mosque - Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is topographically divided into five main regions which are the East, West, North, South and the Central. Each of these regions represents some characteristic features. The feature most dominant in the East is the presence of professional and academic institutes. The eastern regions house dozens of reputed institutes in the city. Apart from this these regions also form residential places and commercial activities are not that great.

    The regions that fall in the eastern zone include Ameerpet, Habshiguda, Jamia Osmania and Tarnaka. Apart from academics there are great avenues due to the presence of restaurants and eateries in the region. The residential places are provided with almost all the facilities one can have at any urban centre. These regions however, continue to attract young people for quality education and a promising career.

    Areas Under East Hyderabad
    • Amberpet
    • Habsiguda
    • Jamia Osmania
    • Tarnaka

    Central Hyderabad

    City in Hyderabad
    The central regions of Hyderabad have emerged as great commercial centres. The city with credits like the cleanest city and one of the ranking techno city in India has been going through a lot of development. Commercial regions like Abids, Nampalli and Himayat Nagar add up to form the Hyderabad central. Though the airport lies outside and in the northern premises, there are ample means of transportation and facilities in the central regions.

    Hyderabad central is best known for its hotels, restaurants, hospitals and shopping areas. There are not many residential localities, except South Nampalli, in the city outskirts. The region sees a number of major roads coming from different destinations into these parts of the city. The recent years has witnessed a growing number of small software companies operating from the region. The central railway station that is Hyderabad Railway Station is located here. There are few interesting tourist places also like Archaeological Museum, Public Garden, Goshamahal Stadium, located in the vicinity.

    Areas Under Central Hyderabad
    • Abids
    • Himayat Nagar
    • Nampally

    West Hyderabad

    West Hyderabad
    West Hyderabad consists of places that are marked by industrial estates and technological parks. The western regions have witnessed tremendous changes in the last few decades. Following the technological revolution Hyderabad city has been gaining popularity and much of it resides at the aforementioned places. The Hitech City featuring some of the best IT parks of India is one such place.

    The regions that fall to the west of Hyderabad include Banjara Hills, Hitech City, Jubilee Hills, Langar House and Mehdipatnam. The regions apart from indutrial estates and technological parks, also house many residential localities. Provided at these places are some fine hotels and restaurants of Hyderabad.

    Areas Under West Hyderabad
    • Banjara Hills
    • Hitech City
    • Jubilee Hills
    • Langar House
    • Mehdipatnam

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